One Moment Taken

The way I see it, life is made up of billions of moments. Each moment means something different and can change the smallest part of our life which in turn affects the direction of our decisions for the better, or worse. There are also the moments that we let pass without a second thought, yet still make and important part our lives none the less. The question, (aside from “to be or not to be”) is what we do with those brilliant moments in between. Whether it is to challenge fate and make a great name, or to sit on the couch wasting away the days escaping into someone Else’s moment. However you choose to while away the days, the only thing you need to remember is that each moment comes and goes. Life does not wait for he weak of heart to make a decision, it simply moves on. And the decisions that we make or the words that we say, all they are, is bits of something great, and each moment is important so treat it as such. From there your life will continue, not in greatness, but however you want it to do so.

The Escape

I have been doing a lot of thinking lately, about philosophy, life, happiness, and acting. Because naturally (or in my opinion at least) all four of those topics go together. My previous theory was, “acting is simply the art of playing pretend”, however, I no longer think that holds truth. Acting, is more of a separate dimension that someone can escape to, and make their life an adventure, a tragedy, or simply interesting. Because life without acting is not a life at all. Not that you have to like acting or be an actor to have a life worth living and talking about. But somehow those people who are performing through whatever is before them, not as themselves, but as an entirely different being, step into another soul. Which in my opinion, is much more interesting than ordinary life, even if you are only a spectator. All those people who worship, love, even bury themselves in these fictions that actors create are like the vessels, that hold those conflicted feelings, and the beauty of another life. I saw a quote once that went along the lines of, “When they died they left a hole. A hole that didn’t stay empty, for it was filled with pain and grief.” Honestly I changed that a bit until it made my point however it’s still similar. The reason I liked it was because it was true, you can have a bad day, go home, and bury yourself in a fiction, and for about twenty minutes after the credits roll everything is fine again, like a high, but once it fades and you have to go back to reality, all that’s left is a hole, and the hole doesn’t stay empty for long. You are left with pain and hopelessness that such beautiful things could ever happen to you.

My new theory though is, when the hole is filled, it’s not all misery that comes rushing in. there is a desire for adventure, motivation to make the only life you have better, and all those things that the character learned about life and love, you learn too. So when someone is a truly great actor, they can mean more to a person than what is typical, but sometimes not all people see acting as this beautiful complex system, but rather as “the art of playing pretend” and so all those devoted to the work of an actor are left with nothing to fall back on when reality kicks in. So thank you to all of the actors who are changing the lives of us vessels, the world would be a lesser place without you.

To Be or Not To Be?


One may think that death, is something to be feared. Certainly death, although being a necessary end, can be a frightening prospect. But the fact remains that death will come to us all in the end, and fearing it, will not do us any good. As a matter of fact, fear is what keeps us humans from becoming the brilliant species we were made to be. Surely there are practical fears that we are hardwired to obey as part of our natural instinct, such as heights, a shark attack etc. etc. … however, there are other, more irrational fears that the human race have developed that if discarded, could unleash a greater potential in our existence. It’s the fears that are tied to our emotions that are the ones that should be discarded. Those are irrational because of the memories they are tied to. Back to my first post, each moment makes a difference. The moments that have been especially traumatic or strongly pressed into our memories are the ones that control our irrational fears, or happiness’s or whatever you’d like to tie them to. So even if obviously we can’t discard those memories as unimportant, the crucial revelation here is that we need to move on from them.
However, all this ranting is beside the point. Shakespeare once said “To be or not to be. That is the question.” And we, as humans have forgotten that simple truth. We can live, or die. Some are afraid of life and escape to death, just as many fear death, and seek immortality, but either way you do not have a choice that is made on your own, for life will move along or end without asking your permission.