The way I see it, life is made up of billions of moments. Each moment means something different and can change the smallest part of our life which in turn affects the direction of our decisions for the better, or worse. There are also the moments that we let pass without a second thought, yet still make and important part our lives none the less. The question, (aside from “to be or not to be”) is what we do with those brilliant moments in between. Whether it is to challenge fate and make a great name, or to sit on the couch wasting away the days escaping into someone Else’s moment. However you choose to while away the days, the only thing you need to remember is that each moment comes and goes. Life does not wait for he weak of heart to make a decision, it simply moves on. And the decisions that we make or the words that we say, all they are, is bits of something great, and each moment is important so treat it as such. From there your life will continue, not in greatness, but however you want it to do so.

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