Who am I?

Hello. I’m Grey.

Who am I? is a question that is not easily answered in a prosaic manner, in fact there are many people who spend an entire lifetime searching for an answer but never quite figure one out. Perhaps this is because it is a quality that changes as soon as you begin to asses it. So how then, do you answer the question to which you are  not quite sure you want to know the response to? To do this I believe I must change the question. There are many ways to phrase this in a way that would be appropriate for the topic and provide productivity on the side of both reader and author however I will go with, what are the values that influence my actions and thoughts? Sometimes you can learn more about a person from unrelated banter than anything else so I apologize for half of my intro being of that nature but that is a general idea of how I think. Now I can begin.

To me the most important values in life are Respect, self control, and Courage. These are essential for success in all endeavors because they rule the mind as well as keeping the heart involved. My favorite quote which you have probably already seen somewhere around the blog is , “life is simply feeling put into a summary of actions and words.” it  reminds me that we are all humans, and though we get caught in our first world problems, some things never change.